Small Businesses

Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses

The Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses was formed in 1996 and is the leading non-political campaigning pressure group for the promotion and

protection of Small & Medium sized Business in Gibraltar.

It acts on behalf of the business sector by both lobbying and supporting Government as appropriate. It also offers advisory services to members and those wishing to start a business and also promotes and supports business led initiatives. Members of the Board attend Government and political meetings and groupings to ensure the rights and benefits being discussed are fair and reasonable for the owner controlled business as well as the subsidiary of the multinational.

In addition to the commercial side, the Federation has been instigators of many social and economic functions that have considerably benefited members and non-members as well as the general public. The high profile that the Chairman and the Board have maintained has, at times, caused friction and problems with other smaller industry bodies but has shown that the Federation is a body that has the courage, conviction and following that is required to ensure level playing fields.

The membership of the European Small Business Alliance has considerably assisted the promotion of Gibraltar and its problems within the European Union whilst at the same time opening doors for business connections and information on EU legislation.