‘UK (Brexit) Christmas Pantomime’

By Leo Olivero

At this specific time in the Brexit process, I fail to understand why many in Gibraltar go into ‘post-stress Brexit hysterics’ everytime a Gibraltar related story appears or is erroneously reported for the wrong reasons. This in turn causes alarm and anxiety to many locals and injects fear of Gibraltar becoming the Brexit sacrificial lamb. 

This happens in the same two or three online UK newspapers. Although one of them uses the Gibraltar Brexit news-card more often then others. Changing its news lines and reporting angles to suit the moment on a variety of similar related issues.

Reports like this obviously confuses readers and cause anxiety on important matters, particularly if it concerns Gibraltar. Its even more confusing, when the same online news lines later appear with contradictory or conflicting news angle of the original story, where it then discards the story altogether with no follow up. All this, after originally appearing with a banner headline asserting a ‘Brexit armageddon situation is awaiting Gibraltar’

In the last week we have read similar headlines, like ‘EU could force Gibraltar to crash out of bloc as punishment as expats sold down river' and ‘Spain's latest illegal Gibraltar land grab being encouraged by EU action’ together with ‘Gibraltar makes desperate plea to UK as Ireland steals show on Brexit’

Some News is Old Hat And Nothing That Should Shock The People Locally

But isn’t most of this news from a Gibraltar perspective, old-hat and tediously familiar and out-dated reports. The people of Gibraltar have collectively many times experienced countless periods of concern, anxiety and of repeatedly kicking the British Government and FCO on the bum and telling them to get their finger out. Especially, on the reported issue last week about the brazen Spanish attempt to seize the territory of Gibraltar and sovereignty over local waters.

On the other hand, if these reports are for the benefit of the UK readership, then I probably understand because it would be a useful strategy to keep the Gibraltar issue fresh in the British peoples mind.