School raises over £5,500 for cancer charities

School raises over £5,500 for cancer charities

By Mark Viales

Christmas charitable spirit came early this year as children from Bishop Fitzgerald middle school worked together to raise over £5,500 for local cancer support charities. 

Around 400 children crammed into the school’s assembly hall yesterday where two children handed out the checks to Pathway Through Pain and Prostate Cancer Support Group respectively.

Celine, 9, Year Five, raised £160 and went door to door in Montagu Gardens and Varyl Begg estates asking well-wishers to dip into their pockets to sponsor a worthwhile charity.

“It felt really good to raise money for charity, especially during Christmas,” she said with a beaming smile. “It is very important to show everyone how much we care for people who are suffering.”

Justine, 11, Year Seven, raised £140 whilst well aware of the privileges within Gibraltar’s society and the need to support charities helping out those less fortunate.

“We have a good life in Gibraltar and the charity needs the money more than we do,” she said while pausing for thought. “It makes me feel really good to help these people because, with all the funds put together, they can really put it to good use. Everyone was really surprised at how much we earned.”