When are you going to start building houses for rental?

*Letter to minister Sacramento from Jaime Felices of Action for Housing: 

Dear Minister

We wish to refer to last Thursday’s Viewpoint Programme on GBC in which the interviewer Jonathan Scott put to you that “The current system appears not to be helping a sector of our society. Do you need to reconsider your plans and start building homes for rental” to which you replied “absolutely”.

We at Action for Housing are relieved to hear that you have now the intention to build much needed Government rented accommodation to accommodate the sector of our society who are unable to purchase their own dwelling or to pay the exorbitant rents charged in the private sector.

We would like to know when you intend to embark on the construction of these Government flats for rental.

Given the public interest in this very important matter we are making this letter public.

Yours sincerely.

Jaime Felices

For Action for Housing