New anti-terrorist and crime prevention scheme launched

An innovative police scheme that deploys teams of officers to deter, detect and disrupt criminal and terrorist activity in crowded places is was launched across Gibraltar yesterday.

 The tactic, known as Project Servator, sees the deployment of both highly visible and covert police officers and staff alongside other resources such as dogs, firearms and CCTV cameras in the city centre, other hotspots and at large events.

Commissioner of Police (Designate) Ian McGrail said: “Building on the UK success of Project Servator in disrupting a wide range of criminality whilst reassuring the public, the Royal Gibraltar Police is now undertaking a programme of work to roll this project locally at various events and locations across Gibraltar.

“In doing so, we are enhancing our existing tactics by adopting the best practice developed within policing across the UK, in order to help keep key sites and crowded places within Gibraltar safe and secure.

“The active support of the public, community and businesses is key to the success of Project Servator.

“Our officers are already in the process of engaging with local businesses and wider Gibraltar community to introduce them to the concept and to explain the vital role that they have to play.

“Please don’t be surprised or alarmed if you see a heavy police presence in a specific area of Gibraltar in the coming weeks and months. Keep in mind that these are normal police operations that will deter, detect and disrupt a broad range of criminal activity.

“The deployments are designed to be unpredictable and can turn up at any time. One day our tactics may be highly visible, the next we will be working in a more covert way.

“You can help us keep your area and community safe by engaging with the Servator teams if you see them deployed in your area and by speaking to officers to find out how you can play a part.” “We want to reassure communities that we are working together to keep everyone safe”.