It’s clear GSD are blind to Gibraltar’s needs, says Govt

And the Government have issued a long press statement saying that it is increasingly clear that the GSD are blind to the needs of modern Gibraltar, and ignorant of the failed legacy that the last GSD government left in town planning for the current government to rectify.

 In repairing the GSD mistakes of the past, the Government has, in just 6 years, provided for Gibraltar’s future whilst safeguarding and preserving our valuable Heritage. From the Northern Defences to the Gibraltar International Bank and the University of Gibraltar, proper, effective town planning has enabled the old to enhance and give our unique character to the new modern Gibraltar of today.

The Government had to move quickly after being elected into office in order to begin the work of reversing the mistakes of the GSD administration. As a result, the Government successfully reduced the height of the MidTown towers (with a similar reduction now achieved for King’s Wharf Phase 2) as well as reducing the overall footprint of the site, thereby creating enough space for both car parking and a green area. Furthermore, the Government successfully saved the area that is now the Commonwealth Park, a much-loved oasis in the heart of town, from becoming tower blocks, as had been planned by the GSD.

The Government adds that it has since created an Act to protect it for future generations. Thanks to this Government, the town area’s only open green space is here to stay. Contrary to the GSD’s belief, development can mean much more than utilitarian buildings; this Government is committed to purposeful planning that meets the needs of the community in a much more meaningful way, including providing for and protecting our limited green and open spaces.

In fact, despite their claim to protest the current rate of development in Gibraltar on public health grounds, it was the GSD to who planned to construct a dirty diesel power station in the heart of the nature reserve, which would not only have jeopardised the integrity of the reserve itself, but would have obscured the world-famous views of the Strait and had a significant negative impact on Gibraltar’s air quality. To add insult to injury, the GSD Opposition failed to support the Government’s provision of legal protection to Gibraltar’s other green gem, the Alameda Botanical Gardens.