MTV presents Gibraltar Calling - Who do the people want to see this year? GIBRALTAR MUSIC SCENE

David J Diaz

Well this past week we finally got confirmation that MTV Gibraltar Calling Music Festival 2018 will take place on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd September. With eight months to go, I took to Main Street and asked the population who they want to see next year. 


“I feel they will bring more of a variety to the table, I also feel that local performers may shine once again. They are definitely going to put us on the map musically as a worldwide event which will hopefully attract a variety of performers and celebrities, which in turn can only help boost our mighty rock to the status it deserves.Rihanna? Aerosmith? Def Leppard? Ariana Grande? Panic at the Disco? Maluma? Iron Maiden? says Monica.”

Diverse when it comes to music; Jemma feels that MTV being involved has been an amazing opportunity for the Rock and for local talent to gain international recognition. Assuming that local talents won't be filtered out to allow larger acts to play but it has been a huge step forward for us as a tourist destination and great for our local businesses. She would like to see Ed Sheeran, Rachel Platton and Robbie Williams.

Katie hopes that the ticket prices are more affordable as due to the high prices she hasn’t been able to the GMF yet. She remains positive that MTV organising the whole thing is a step in the right direction.

Jon feels that MTV organising the GMF has given them more opportunity for expansion both in variety and reputation, it will be interesting to see how the festival grows and whether the brand could use the beaches as stages. He also expressed his in seeing Kendrick Lamar or Chance The Rapper and maybe the Arctic Monkeys come to Gibraltar.

<b>MORE ROCK</b>

While other music genres get more praise; it seems that most people want to see more rock bands. 2016 saw rock legends Europe grace the stage but who from the rock world do people want to see at MTV Gibraltar Calling?

Keith believes rock bands being in the line-up has always been something he would look out for before purchasing a ticket for the GMF in previous years. “2016 we had Europe which was phenomenal so why not someone like Iron Maiden or Foo Fighters this year?”

Neil believes heavy metal should also be considered and feels that even though the word diversity is used a lot; it isn’t as diverse as it needs more heavy metal. Maybe someone like Avenged Sevenfold who Neil is a big fan of.


“We have seen many bands and artists from yesteryear grace the GMF in previous years but I would like to see more!” These are the thoughts of Eddie who doesn’t listen to chart music at all and relies on music from the ‘60s to ‘80s. “In previous years I only went paid the full price to see acts such as Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet), Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) as well as Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music). I grew up listening to them so having them here in Gibraltar at my very doorstep was a dream come true!”

Martin who is 72 welcomed the news and was surprised at the level of acts that have come to Gibraltar even before the GMF. “Never been to one as I am deaf in one ear but my granddaughter attends every year. For my sake; I would welcome anyone just as long as everyone has fun.”

Emily despite not having been to any GMF claims she would like to see Bon Jovi or Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Clive believes if MTV keep the format like last year, they are onto a winner. In other festivals they have done worldwide like Isle of Malta, they will have mainly very new acts pop of DJs and mainly very commercial. He remains hopeful they will be influenced to pick some alternative rock and retro names.


Oliver has gone with an if it ain't broke why fix it approach. “Honestly I heard nothing but good things from a lot of people. There were some who felt sorry for the local trio who created the GMF out of thin air, a festival which was world class at every level, from the tiniest of details to the huge acts that performed. That is why I didn’t go last year out of choice. Now we really must commend MTV for their vision and achievements and I really hope that the organisers will continue to play a huge role in the festival. For sure MTV will continue to give the same opportunity to other local acts to perform on the big stages. After all it is a 'GIBRALTAR' Music Festival and we can't forget the vast amount of local talent who could do with the exposure.”