If the Brexit issue wasn’t such a serious one, it would be a joke

Leo Olivero

After last week’s highly charged, activity filled Brexit week produced a literny of statements, counter statements and numerous political exchanges between London, Gibraltar, Madrid and Brussels with various twists and turns. You have to say the main issue itself ‘Brexit’ continues to offer little by way of clarity. In fact, many are as confused as they were after the 2016 EU referendum… if not more? 

Gibraltar on Brexit Concession Watch

The Gibraltar Government for its part through the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and Deputy Dr Joseph Garcia have in recent weeks also made a number of important Brexit related statements and interventions.

The Government in my opinion, appears to be playing its full Brexit hand quite close to its chest. I suspect in the event Brexit negotiations, or the transition period issue or the whole ‘Brexit Article 50’ process takes a dangerous and unhealthy turn for the people of Gibraltar. The latter, is a situation that is not beyond the realms of impossibility. Particular if other Brexit (non-related Gibraltar) transitions issues of the last week is anything to go by?

The news of the week, without doubt was the UK and EU drawing up their preliminary positions on the shape of any future post-Brexit trade deal, all that came ahead of the EU heads of state summit also held late last week.