This is the time that we Gibraltarians must stick together, says Chief Minister


I understand that you will all want to know more about these seminally important matters that we face. I CANNOT say more now. 

However, as you know, we have fully briefed Cabinet Ministers and elected Opposition members. But, rest assured: I will say more as soon as I am able to do so.

But this is the time that we Gibraltarians must stick together. Because we are all in it together.

Whatever our respective party political affiliations, we are all in it together.

And you have entrusted us with the administration of our nation’s affairs.

Rest assured that we are working assiduously to carve out a future for all of us which is grounded in protection of our exclusively, EXCLUSIVELY, British sovereignty, jurisdiction and control.

I will never countenance any compromise in that respect. No one in my Government will countenance any compromise in that respect. None of you will countenance any compromise in that respect.

Rest assured that these are our fundamentals.

These are not things with which we will barter or trade.

And rest assured also that we will NOT tolerate the return to a bilateral process of talks between the UK and Spain about Gibraltar.

So do not for one moment allow yourselves to believe that we would agree or consent to anything which is contrary to our fundamentals.

Because we will protect our nation’s interests at every turn.

And so, 365 days from midnight, together with the United Kingdom, we will bid farewell to membership of the European Union.

Together as a nation, we will look forward to our future in the British family of nations and as part of the Commonwealth.

Together as a community we will reluctantly lower the European flag.

And we will approach these challenges with all the Gibraltarian grit and conviction of the generations that defended our nation before us.

Those who turned those challenges into opportunities and laid – with their effort, courage and determination - the foundations of our nation.

From the evacuation to the first referendum.

From the closure of the frontier to the rejection of joint sovereignty.

Because we were shaped as much by those challenges, as we have been by the blessings we enjoy in our homeland.

So, for all of the generations that endured the challenges of the past;

For all of the future generations of Gibraltarian women and men;

For our children today;

And their children tomorrow,

We will work to deliver solutions that preserve all that is dear to us, especially our undiluted, exclusively British Sovereignty.

Let no one doubt that.

Finally, thank you for trusting me and my team to lead Gibraltar through these complex and difficult moments in our collective history as a people.

We will not let you down.