Attempts to downplay RGP officers ‘Spanish Court Ordeal’

Leo Olivero

Mondays Edition of Panorama titled “RGP officers dragged through Spanish Courts” apparently this did not strike the right cord with any of the official entities connected with the Royal Gibraltar Police. I include here, the Governor,

 the Government, the Gibraltar Police Authority, the Royal Gibraltar Police and even the RGP Federation the latter entity who directly represents the RGP rank-and-file can be quite vocal when it suits them.

It is absolutely shameful, that these officers are being allowed to be dragged through the Spanish court system, be it criminal case or otherwise. At the same time, allowing them without a (public) voice in defence or in anger or a voice at all, to potentially face a term of imprisonment. I say ‘ criminal case or otherwise’ because the Convent has already attempted to downplay this delicate issue by describing the case ‘as only a civil complaint’ in answer to a Panorama question.

So what. If the case is (now) a civil complaint as the Convent reply highlights, what has that got to do with the wider contextual issues? Like the obvious diplomatic perspective and clearly the political implications that have already been vociferously expressed a number of times by a Gibraltar Chief Minister and others, including this newspaper a number of times. Particularly, since the case came to light 8 years ago, What has changed in the Convent’s, Governor’s or FCO’s expert assessment of this matter?

The Convent’s Attempt to Downplay The Issue

In my opinion, the Convent’s reply was little more than an excuse for a poor and less than intelligent brush-away answer to an important issue. Which was wholly unbecoming of the office of the Governor who also doubles up as the permanent FCO mouthpiece in Gibraltar.

It appears, occupants at the Convent these days do not obviously put too much credence to important and diplomatically delicate incidents of this nature. Especially those incidents, which have already been recognised as potentially important, from a diplomatic perspective.