Israel’s Voice and Face

Joe Garcia

The invitation went along the lines that the RGP would like us all to be at a certain time at the Ground floor Cafeteria from where they would take us to Wessex Lounge whereupon we could carry out the interviews. 

Mark my word that it was not James Bond that we were to interview, but Mark Regev, the Israeli ambassador to London who was on an almost secret sojourn to Gibraltar.

One could understand why nothing about the visit could be published until after he had left the Rock yesterday afternoon, after all he has gained the reputation of being Israel’s Voice and Face after more than eight years being their spokesperson, always insisting that he did not want to “hide” behind the title of an un-named “official spokesman”, preferring to be identified, “as he played a key role representing the State of Israel,” as the Israeli embassy in London put it.

Born in Australia in 1960, his father was a Holocaust survivor. Mr Regev emigrated to Israel and met his wife in a kibbutz.

After his posting to London two years ago, he made an impassioned speech at the Oxford union, defending Israel’s right to self-determination.

In Gibraltar yesterday, we asked him about sovereignty and if Israel defended Gibraltar’s right to self-determination. He said: “I think I have to stay out of these issues and I apologise.”