Art students take to the outdoors

A group of schoolchildren spent yesterday afternoon outside PANORAMA preparing their entries for the 29th edition of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust Annual painting Competition this Saturday.

Dylan Reese, 8, a student at St Anne’s Middle School and last year’s winner, sat cross-legged opposite the old police station, admiring the arches colonial-style building.

“The colours of the building are very interesting,” Dylan told PANORAMA. “You can’t really do art in a wrong way. Everyone has an opinion in art.”

Dylan won last year’s competition with a sketch of a park bench and a tree at Wellington Front but decided to go for a different style this year.

“There is no limit to what I can draw. I like to sketch everything,” he said. “I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up, but I would still like to keep on sketching.”

Eva Rodriguez, 9, another student at St Anne’s Middle School was sat with her two friends facing the entrance to PANORAMA, where a vibrant colourful tree also stands.

“I really love the tree and the door to PANORAMA is also very interesting with its arches,” she said.

Eva said she prefers to paint unicorns mainly but has been attending art classes for a number of years and would like to continue it as a hobby as she grows up. 

Giorann Henshaw has held art workshops for over a decade and derives great pleasure from seeing her students take such an interest in artistic creativity.

“The students come to us because they are artists themselves,” she said. “I’ve had some of these students since they were six-years-old all the way up to university level. They have a lot of talent and it has been a great pleasure to see them grow.”

Ms Henshaw said that the beautiful and colourful trees alongside the ‘amazing architecture’ made the area outside PANORAMA in Irish Town very interesting.