Night bus service

Dear Sir,

I refer to your article in Panorama by Gillian Temple specifically on the issue regarding the local bus service. 

It appears that the author of this article is not familiar with the Night Bus Service being provided by the Gibraltar Bus Company locally. In order to avoid giving erroneous information and in view of the great efforts being made by the Government to promote a service that has been in operation since 26th of August 2015, please note that Gibraltar has a two Night Bus routes, N1 & N8.

Route N8 extends from Both Worlds to Europa Point and actually passes outside of the Central Hall every 30 minutes. Route N1 extends to the Upper Town, a route identical to the Route 1 service provided during the day. The night service, operates every Friday and Saturday night, between 9.20pm to 2.00am and in priced at £2.00 per trip. The Night Bus Service is also extended to other days of the week on certain special events in Gibraltar’s social calendar.

The night buses may also be tracked on the Bus Tracker Web App which facilities bus usage, making it possible to meet the Bus at the Bus stop instead of having to wait for it.

To track the buses at any time, click on the link below;

Kind regards

Alfred Porro


Gibraltar Bus Company