Leo Olivero

It’s become increasingly difficult to understand (unless I am continuously missing something) why we are constantly being told ‘all the soft and up-beat political crap’ how positive, optimistic, co

nfident and constructive Brexit negotiations with the Spanish Government are progressing. When in fact, verbal and printed political statements from the Spanish side glaringly paint an opposite picture particularly on the main issues of concern to Gibraltar.

Imagining a Good Deal When a Bad One is Visible on the Table

Even sections of our own press, for whatever reason, have taken the ‘go with the flow Spanish positive reporting line’. This is quite insulting to the intelligence of people in this community. The potential problem here lies with the Brexit positive brigade particularly in London, who may end up actually believing it themselves. That would not be good for anybody, especially Gibraltar, who is dependent on the UK government not caving in to Spanish pressure or in ‘imagining a good deal when a bad one is visible on the table. I’m sure our own politicians are carefully policing that aspect of the Brexit talks with Spain.

Who knows what is going on in these talks with the Spanish government or with Brexit talks in general? It’s doubtful whether Theresa May knows herself.

It’s difficult when the UK government it seems, not only has no pilot, it has no navigator or map to get the UK and Gibraltar where they need to be. Luckily, so far, we have had to depend on our own government to communicate the feelings, minds and position of the people of Gibraltar. Will those efforts be enough to ensure London keeps Madrid in place? This is the vital question more people here are asking as conflicting statements from the UK and the Spanish side continues to make the people on both sides of the border increasingly anxious by the day.