Leo Olivero

Commander British Forces Mike Walliker has been handed by MOD Command the role of ‘Discipline Authority’ (or officer) a role which under ‘The Ministry of Defence Police Conduct Regulations’ basical

ly hands CBF the lead role to determine and decide as in this case, whether a group of GDP officers should answer to a case of alleged misconduct where the CBF now has the ultimate power to refer or send these officers before a disciplinary hearing.

In reality, there’s nothing shocking or extraordinary about this decision, which is correct and under the disciplinary misconduct regulations, where under normal circumstances is the right procedure. But this is not a normal situation, particularly where CBF Mike Walliker is concerned and why this decision is the wrong one for a number of reasons.

Regular Panorama readers would be aware the current CBF has already put himself and his Command under a serious embarrassing situation. By being the subject himself of a potential internal investigation after several complaints were lodged against him with Joint Force Command in the UK. However, the latest decision by the MOD to make Walliker the ‘Discipline Authority/Officer’ not only looks nonsensical and wrong but also exposes a blatant conflict of interest.

What era did the MOD think they were in when deciding to hand important disciplinary powers to Walliker who now presides over the same internal turbulent GDP problem that he probably compounded? Especially during the present situation where some actions and decisions taken by CBF still hang under dark and murky clouds, and as mentioned, the subject of complaints by individual members of the GDP against Walliker of his handling of various serious internal complaints involving the still suspended GDP Chief of Police and another senior suspended GDP officer.