He pointed the finger at me

Dear Sir,

This letter is in answer to Sir J Bossano’s motion in Parliament in defence of the Calpe House trustees, dated 10 October 2017, in an attempt to personally discredit any person who manifested their opinion on the Calpe House issue.

I will relate what Sir J Bossano implied about my person. He saw fit to mention my full name four times in the final paragraphs. He said that a year ago I had gone to see him on a personal matter, as I had a grudge with one of the trustees, implying that I had vented my opinion in the Panorama newspaper with malicious motives.

He then went on to say that the issue of the Calpe House started by a person sending anonymously some documents to the UK Charity Commission. He said that he knew me well as I was a shop steward during his time in the Union. Since then I had not manifested myself in anyway and he was surprised I had written the letter.

Again, I had written the letter out of a personal grudge.

He went on to say that an email had been sent with a Bible text Leviticus 19.13 which says “Thou shall not rob thy neighbour”, he carried on saying that he knew me to be a religious person, and he was sure I knew what the Bible quotation meant.

So without a shrewd of evidence or proof he pointed the finger at me.

In his defence of the Calpe House Trustees, what he did was an attack on my personal integrity and character assassination of my person.

The truth be said I did go to see him on a personal matter. I have no knowledge of the documents sent to the UK Charity Commssion.

And I certainly did not send the email ‘Leviticus 19.13’.

I perceive it would be too much to ask for an apology.

Emilio Duarte