Are we forgetting something?

Dear Sir,

Gibraltar is pursuing its upmarket roadway in building works but, are we forgetting something?

Most cities reload their shopping experiences for residents and tourists to match the upward trend in exclusive accommodation.

Yet, at present, there is a Debenhams' store which is the only branch I have encountered (including Metros) without a fragrance hall, a couple of Matalan shops, and the quietest-ever Next store. The only reason we ever went into Debs in the UK was to buy in the fragrance hall, so I cannot understand its absence here. There is a perfume shop next door, but they surely would not be afraid of competition to their services. After all, they sell many brands, but all products within each brand range are not available. We still have to buy these products online anyway!

The owner of the perfume shops within his Group should think about devoting one of his stores to house exclusive fragrance ranges, rather the same stuff in each store. There are some brands such as Bond no.9, Clive Christian, and Mugler Les Exceptions which would surely bring in customers to their boutique!

Gibraltar also needs to bring in " Brands" whether it be in the form of luxury boutiques within a stylish arcade and/or a proper department store of Quality and Passion. A good bakers shop would also be a nice touch, in the style of Greggs!

There is not a lot to do when several days of rain descend upon the Rock and most people consider retail, under cover, as a therapy!

Gibraltar cannot do a half-task in advancing upmarket; the entire infrastructure has to follow suit!

Yours aye,

Mike Rose