Additional Air monitoring in the North District Gibraltar

The Government will be providing additional air quality monitoring in the North District. This follows a commitment made by the Minister for the Environment and is consistent with calls for such monitoring over the years from environmental groups, notably the ESG. 

The mobile air quality monitoring units consist of two AQMesh pods. The devices have the option of being supplied with a solar panel and battery to ensure unattended mains-free operation. They are configured for the full range of available pollutants ie PM10, PM2.5,Nitrogen dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Ozone.

One AQMesh pod has been installed at Europort Road to monitor ambient Air Quality in the North District. The location has been chosen because of its proximity to shipping, the new power station and to monitor traffic emissions in the area. The automatic data produced will be logged and stored on the instruments and collected hourly using the in-house telemetry system. The devices will be operation by the Environmental Agency (EA), while their consultants Ricardo will apply an appropriate quality control regime to the station data. The data produced from these devices are described as “indicative”.