Certificates of commendation to sixteen police officers

Certificates of commendation to sixteen police officers

Royal Gibraltar Police Commissioner Ian McGrail has presented certificates of commendation to sixteen officers involved in securing a conviction in the recent Regina V Dwayne Mor case at the Supreme Court. 

It followed comments made by Chief Justice Dudley who publicly congratulated the RGP’s investigating team for “a thorough and very good investigation,” at the conclusion of the trial.

The case consisted of complex and detailed probes across numerous strands of policing work including Crime Scene, forensic and investigative strategies and also involved the extradition from Spain of the main defendant to face justice.

Commissioner McGrail declared that in the past a case such as this would have been handled by a much smaller team, but that the exigencies of modern day policing required a great deal of coordination and concerted team work across police divisions to achieve a successful outcome.