A Tale of Two Political Parties, Really Three, Soon to be Three, Really Four

Leo Olivero

As Panorama accurately predicted the Gibraltar electorate would most probably have a rare treat come the next elections next year with the formation of a new political party led by Independent MP Marlene Hassan-Nahon. 

It’s not really been a secret; the independent member has been tinkering with the idea of forming her own party for some time. At this early point, I wish her well and all the political luck she can muster, because there is no doubt she will certainly need it!

The first bit of obvious advise is that its not easy anywhere to reshape or break through a political landscape, particularly one that has a very deep rooted two-party system like the one in Gibraltar.

There is no doubt Ms Hassan-Nahon would have conducted a very profound political environmental scan and obviously discovered there is room for one more political party to give voters, or some of them, a selection headache come election day.

I’m also convinced she will be hoping her party will be able to garner support from disgruntled voters, and at the same time appeal to those people who believe they have been “set aside” by the two main political parties. I’m sure the new party will probably find a few of the latter examples from both opposing camps!