Sanchez says agreement reached on Gibraltar's status

Joe Garcia

The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez hit the headlines worldwide yesterday afternoon when he said in Brussels that an agreement had been reached with Britain on the status of Gibraltar. He said so speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the EU summit. 

He added: Gibraltar will no longer be a problem in arriving at a Brexit deal.

Earlier in the Gibraltar Parliament, the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, provided an update on the European negotiations regarding Gibraltar, which fills two pages in our paper edition.

In that statement, Mr Picardo said that the Protocol on Gibraltar between the UK and the EU 'is not yet finalised, but there are not many points outstanding.'

Beyond the protocol there are also a set of practical arrangements in what are known as memorandums. As is known these cover citizens rights, the environment, police and customs cooperation, tobacco and tax. The work on the tobacco memorandum, as we published yesterday, is not yet finalised, as Mr Picardo has now confirmed.

However, No. 6 Convent Place last night refused to confirm the news emerging from Brussels about the Protocol.

When we asked for confirmaton and a reaction from the Government, Mr Picardo said that they would not be saying anymore than what had already been said in the update but that they might say something today.