Brexit Withdrawal In UK Political Limbo

Leo Olivero

A good number of people during the last few days have approached me personally and popped into the Panorama offices visibly elated, after taking in the news that Gibraltar appears to have sealed a positive deal with the Spanish Government on the Rocks future.

 These are people in fact, who genuinely believe that this is the end of it. Even after attempts to explain to them otherwise. Obviously misunderstanding the situation regarding the on going bigger political picture. But again, these are people who only want to know, what they want to hear or what they have been told!

Not as Straightforward or Simple As Many Think 

Of course it’s correct the United Kingdom, the EU and Gibraltar Government have been negotiating for months to come up with a negotiated withdrawal agreement, yet to be concluded. Although latest indications are that Gibraltar’s inclusion in the wider Brexit withdrawal agreement and transitional arrangements could be secured soon. But this is not as straightforward or as simple as many people believe is the case. There is some confusion with quite a few regarding this area of the Brexit saga.

Gibraltar is very much an integrate piece of the UK’s overall Brexit UK/EU Withdrawal Agreement. This is a hugely important development. But as yet is not finally agreed, at least at the time of preparing this report.

The situation at the moment looks to be in ‘suspended animation’ particularly after the UK Prime Minister Theresa May latest performance at last weeks EU summit in Brussels.

May delivered a non-committal but controversial statement, suggesting the UK might extend the transition period. This caused the expected hostile political storm back home in London, still on going.

The situation now in the United Kingdom, has the potential to generate a number of imminent turbulent political episodes!