That’s Politics of Today!

Leo Olivero
That’s Politics of Today!

You might be wondering where I got the idea for the title of this morning’s article. Well in fact it goes back about 10 years during the US elections when previous US president Obama was at the time a candidate running against the late John McCain, during Obama’s first run for office. 

In one NBC TV interview, Obama came out with a not to hopeful view, on what at the time was turning into an election in which fears of both candidates were vying, with opinions about them to determine, control or even winning the election, Obama said:

"It's the ‘Devil’ you know versus the ‘Devil’ you don't," when asked about being considered as a "riskier" choice.

In fact, at the time more Americans viewed Obama as "riskier" than McCain, Obama blamed his novelty (at that point) to the US political scene, then adding:

"It's not surprising that people would say that (McCain) guy was more familiar and less riskier choice. That doesn't answer the broader question, though, which is, what do Americans think we need right now, can we afford to have four more years or eight more years of the same types of policies that we've had for the past eight”

Called Worse 

As a long time contributor to this newspaper, I have never actually brought the devil into politics. Although I will say I have heard politicians called worse when some have described our own political class!

Using that verbal (Devil) metaphor on the current local political perspective, especially when relating to the present Brexit situation. Gibraltar must trend carefully in everything it attempts to do and agrees with the Spanish government. Particularly not to fall for the usual friendly Spanish back slapping salutations without peering first for the hidden backstabbing knife!

In Gibraltar’s case, it will always be the Devil we know, as in the UK, then the Devil who will always be a Satan to us (as in Spain) no matter how many Brexit protocols and memoranda’s are signed and agreed and then tightly wrapped round any EU Brexit legal contract.