Tree of the year

Carmen Gomez
Tree of the year

Carmen Gomez Diary

Sometime back I heard about a competition titled “Tree of the year”. Trees are the most interesting of plants and in Gibraltar we are fortunate to have a varied species of them, not only in the Alameda Gardens itself, but at the Governors residence and dotted around our streets and roads, all of which have great character; either because of their age, or due to the shape of its branches and stunning roots. 

The thing is that nowadays, with people generally walking past with their heads looking down at their smart phones, they may not be aware of them. Perhaps we could start a competition of our own and ask the public to send in photos of their favourite trees, and we might not only discover trees we had never spotted before, but this might lead to our being more aware of our surroundings and enjoy the beauty of our plants and flowers.

At the same time maybe spot the rubbish that people leave behind and become more involved in trying to look after our environment. We should not just leave this up to Janet Howitt and her volunteers.