Changes to Parking Zones 1 and 2

The Government has announced changes to Zones 1 and 2 of the pilot residential parking scheme. 

It follows stakeholder feedback and consultation as part of the recommendations contained within the Sustainable, Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan with regards to the review and monitoring phase of such schemes.

A statement says: ‘Pilot’ Zones 1, 2 and 3 will continue to be studied and adapted over time following further feedback and recommendations as set by the Residential Parking Scheme Working Group and Government Officials responsible for the implementation of RPS Schemes.

The improvements and changes include the inclusion of Gardiner’s Road area to RPS Zone 1, the change of cleaning campaign hours at Grand Parade (RPS Zone 1), the extension to Zone 2 to include Lime Kiln Road, Lime Kiln Steps, Lopez’s Ramp and Devil’s Gap Road, and the introduction of new motorcycle bays throughout the RPS Zone 2 area.

These latest changes will continue to be monitored in order to assess their effectiveness and take up.

The implementation of designated Residential Parking Zones aims to provide residents of the area with an improved chance of parking whilst still supporting the needs of visitors and commercial activity in those areas. The success of the RPS Zones will rely on effective parking enforcement in these areas and will be actively patrolled by the appointed Parking Management Officers (PMO’s).