What Did Gibraltar Really Vote For in EU Referendum?

Leo Olivero

Brexit talks are due to resume today in Brussels. This after a wall-to-wall carpet weekend of intense speculation in the UK press that a deal had been struck, news that was denied by Downing St. Which has only raised expectations about todays ‘s UK cabinet meeting particularly if Theresa May is actually going to share the possibility or the prospect of deal or no deal situation with members of her inner circle.

At the moment we are getting a heap load of contradictions amongst the now boring gossip of the likelihood cabinet coups and rebellions and very little in terms of Brexit clarity, which has become the norm.

Calls For Unlikely Brexit Referendum

There were also more calls over the weekend this time from dozens of business leaders who and joined the Brexit referendum camp with Channel 4 publishing a weekend poll also showing that more than four in 10 people in the UK would support holding a second Brexit referendum. But it’s not just in the UK, practically all EU leaders, including our own politicians who would also like to see the UK hold a second Brexit referendum.

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo is reported as saying “it would be impossible to know exactly what kind of exit from the EU people envisaged when they voted on 2016 and wants another peoples ballot after UK Prime Minister Theresa May strikes a deal with Brussels”, this is, if one is struck at all, if it's not then anything is possible.