The EU End Perspective: Welcome to the Brexit Wire

Leo Olivero

With the negotiations on the ‘Brexit Withdrawal Agreement’ reaching the endgame, it’s hard to judge when best to report to try and inject some perspective into the debate, which continues to be a confusing never-ending affair if the goings on in the UK is anything to go by! 

During the past week, but especially last weekend, there’s been a torrent of Brexit leaks, potential lies and UK politicians including the Prime Minister not knowing whether they are coming or really going!

Confused Brexit Fluidity

There is such confusing Brexit fluidity in London that few believe anything that is being banded around in newspaper reports. The following is the latest Brexit headlines in just one report:

·Cabinet ministers could sign off new a proposal to break Brexit deadlock in days

·Leaked Whitehall memo apparently revealed a plan to sell PMs deal nationally

·Theresa May to tour country seeking endorsements from world leaders

·7 Cabinet ministers warned the PM latest proposals may be a concession too far and would resign

A Moment of Decisive Progress

The latest leaks suggest that Theresa May is to give a speech confirming a final Brexit deal on 19 November, according to a leaked Brexit timetable.

The report says, that Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab will deliver an address about “a moment of decisive progress” which many people believe, could mean anything depending how one measure’s success. A comment you could also attribute to the Gibraltar Brexit negotiation agreement with the Spanish government. It’s all about perception, what might be a positive level of success to some, might not be the case for others as I have said in Panorama on more than one Brexit report: “The Devil Will be in the Detail”