Leo Olivero
Gib lacks daily expertise to better traffic management - says local traffic expert

The question of parking has received much media attention recently. Each report or letter on the subject has attracted a large volume of social media comments. This says a lot and points to a serious parking problem and also daily traffic congestion issues. 

My personal opinion, and although I am no traffic expert, (I’ll come to one traffic expert who knows a thing or two later in the report) I do consider myself to have a fair bit of hands-on experience in dealing with the Gibraltar’s daily traffic problems, having been the officer in charge of the RGP traffic section during the days the department was based at the Frontier.

In those days the police really did have a dedicated traffic department and presence and not the ad-hoc traffic policing arrangements of today that receives daily criticism of it simply not working in providing a safe policing service on local roads!

Take it from me, and a considerable amount of other people who agree police presence on the streets and local highways from a traffic perspective, is sorely missed, the absence is noticeable in a variety of negative ways’.

The experience, expertise and professionalism in controlling today’s chaotic traffic situation are seriously noticeable by the police absence!