Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group winners

The Governor, Lieutenant General Edward Davis, will today host a reception for the winners of a Bookmark Competition, organised by GDSG and the Ministry of Culture. This will also include His Excellency’s formal announcement as Patron of the GDSG. His Excellency is dyslexic. 

There will also be a presentation of awards by the Governor and the Minister for Culture, Steven Linares, to winners of the annual Poetry Competition.

On the 8th April 1992 the Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group was formed.

The Support Group brought a way for parents to be able to get their children diagnosed by an Educational Psychologist. This was a huge support for parents and children, as chatting with someone in the same circumstances was often very helpful. The group also campaigned locally for reform on dyslexia.

For many years the Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group was an important and essential part of Gibraltar. Giving hope to parents and children alike, that they could succeed in life and there was help at last.

Sadly, over the years children began to grow up and left school, parents stood down from the committee and the Support Group slowly became inactive.

Until a young dyslexic, who was a child of one of the founders when the Group was originally started, decided to get involved and build on his parents’ previous work, and noticed that there was still work to be done in schools and that families needed support. They needed someone they could contact when finding out that their child is dyslexic. He worked closely with parents and teachers and began to rebuild on the work that had been done in the past, with a new committee, new ideas and with more understanding as many involved are themselves dyslexic.

Today the support group is still made up of volunteers but will always welcome fresh ideas.