Police promotions

There have been promotions to various ranks in the police following the promotion boards that concluded last week. 

Superintendent Richard Ullger has been promoted to Assistant Commissioner and will be taking up the post on the retirement of current incumbent Richard Mifsud. Mr Ullger joined the RGP on 20.06.1988 and has been serving as Superintendent right up to the promotions board, in charge of the Planning Development and Support Division.

Chief Inspectors Edgar Lopez and Paul Richardson were promoted to the rank of Superintendent.

Inspectors Nolan Romero and Roy Perez have been promoted to the rank of Chief Inspectors.

Sergeants Jonathan Lutkin, John Olivera and Cavalo Soane have been promoted to the rank of Inspector.

Police Constables Sean Picton, Tanya McLeod, Louis Bruzon, Mark Schembri, Scott Strachan and James Rodriguez were promoted to the rank of sergeant.

Commissioner Ian McGrail said he was delighted to announce their promotions.