BREXIT EXCLUSIVE - Government Confirms: “Gibraltar More Ready For No Deal Than a Deal”

Leo Olivero

The concerns rising of a no deal Brexit scenario has already prompted companies, industries and businesses in the UK to move from contingency planning to action. Locally the situation is pretty much the same with planning taking place in the event the UK and the EU do not come to an agreement. 

Political No Brexit Deal Snowball Getting Larger

However, in recent times eyes and minds and anxiety levels have increased, and are seriously focused and attentive to the possibility of a post Brexit ‘No-Deal’ with people looking at political strategic planners, not only in the United Kingdom but also in Gibraltar.

Questions are also being asked if Gibraltar is really prepared in the event of a no deal Brexit.

Locally concerns by people, which some believe are justified if one is up-to-date and follow the goings on in the United Kingdom and Brussels and the possibility of the ‘No Deal Brexit Snowball’ rolling faster until it becomes larger then life.

Gibraltar More Prepared For No Deal Brexit than For a Deal

Panorama can today exclusively answer this important question and hopefully allay some fears:

A Government Spokesman has exclusively informed Panorama that “Government plans in this respect are ready, all the work has been done (as the Chief Minister has already said), what would be accelerated is the implementation of the plan” adding, “the no deal plan cannot be introduced any earlier because things like medicines would spoil”.

Significantly the Government Spokesman further confirmed to this newspaper “We are actually more prepared for no deal Brexit than we are for a deal”.