The Chief Minister ought to revert to his original idea of converting the Queen's Cinema into Gibraltar's National Theatre, with GBC and other appropriate entities occupying the adjacent Queen's Hotel site. 

The Government spent £3.5 million of public money to acquire the majestic cinema site, and every day that goes by with the site remaining idle is a constant reminder of it.

And this project was a solemn commitment to the people of Gibraltar, enshrined in the election manifesto for the 2015 general election: "Fully accessible and equipped for television use, the new theatre will provide the venue Gibraltar needs and will attract touring productions. It is the theatre Gibraltar deserves, has been promised and that will be delivered."

The adjacent hotel site would also be a more than adequate building for GBC, rather than the misplaced, £8-million luxury building now going up on Rosia Lane for GBC, overlooking as it does what was Her Majesty's Naval Dockyard, which could be converted - and about time too - into a naval/royal marines/military museum, including Her Majesty's Naval Dockyard which provided employment for thousands of Gibraltarians since time immemorial, all contributing to the greatness of Gibraltar today.

Gibraltar badly needs such a permanent museum which could also incorporate the exhibits in the current Great World War exhibition which has drawn many good comments.

Go to Malta and other places and their military heritage is a living monument of the past. Why not Gibraltar?