Sudden VETO from Spain against Gibraltar - but Britain and Gibraltar remain firm

Joe Garcia

Spain yesterday caused a political storm in Brussels by suddenly imposing a veto on Gibraltar, trying to exclude Gibraltar from the UK negotiations on future political relationship.

But the UK and Gibraltar have remained rock-solid.

As things stand, Spain has abandoned the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

A statement from UK Government spokesman said last night: "The draft Withdrawal Agreement agreed last week covers Gibraltar. The Prime Minister has been clear that we will not exclude Gibraltar (and the other Overseas Territories and the Crown Dependencies) from our negotiations on the future relationship. We want to get a deal that works for the whole UK family."


Earlier, the Spanish foreign minister Josep Borrell at a council of ministers meeting in Brussels said that Spain wanted it to be clear that the negotiations between the UK and the EU will not apply to Gibraltar. And if their demand is not met, Spain will not validate the Withdrawal agreement.