Why Gibraltar Cannot Make Long Lasting Agreements With Spain

Leo Olivero

I will only add, that Brexit Withdrawal Protocols aside. The Government should seriously re-consider other parts of the agreement with Spain made public regarding the memorandum of understandings (MoU’s) or the 5 or 6 so-called practical issues mentioned last week! 

This is a hugely important matter as it involves vastly important areas that affect the people of Gibraltar, even our economy. And why ‘NOW’ Gibraltar ‘SHOULD NOT’ even consider entering into any side MoU type agreement with the Spanish Government. Particularly with an administration that may not even be there in May next year or any agreement with any Spanish government that today is not interested in ‘practical issues’ or in understanding what MoU’s really represent.

In short: Gibraltar should stick with the official UK Withdrawal document and nothing more and forget practical issue – Practical for who?

European diplomats have already said they did not expect Spain’s concerns to derail the agreement. I hope it does and Spain carries out its threat.

But failing that, I also hope the UK Parliament kicks the EU Withdrawal agreement into the Thames and is irretrievable!