Sanchez making a spectacle of himself

Dear Sir,

....and people thought that Spain might have finally turned the corner to become a democracy under Sanchez!!!??? 

What a hope! The laughable Spanish "advanced" democracy reaching new heights of advanced untrustworthiness.

Sanchez proving to be as dodgy and a clone of his predecessor in saying one thing and doing the opposite!!!

What a tragedy for Spain's teetering democracy to have such a low calibre of other up and rising politicians the likes of Casado and Rivera, competing with each other as to who can be more vicious, insulting, senseless and extreme right wing, and Pablo Iglesias, the only apparent hope for any real change to democracy in spain, demonized by all and sundry, and the peasants believe it all!

Sanchez who seemed to offer spain some serious hope of change cannot even get rid of the assassin from the Valle de los Caidos; continues the disgraceful sharing of judges among the political parties, making a mockery of the "separation of powers" between the government and judiciary (which his predecessor kept falsely bragging about), and now outrageously reneges on what his party had been saying with regards Gibraltar i.e. that they would not use Gibraltar in the Brexit negotiations, only to display the utmost lack of credibility saying "he will vote no to Brexit" with regards Gibraltar!

Has that surprised any of us? Of course not.

Go on Sanchez make a real spectacle of yourself. You have just proved (as if we did not know!) that spanish politicians can never be trusted. Why break the political habits of a lifetime?

Hold a continent to ransom, and create more unemployment in your country for an ILLEGAL sovereignty claim if it makes you happy, but please DO remember one thing Sanchez, that whatever you say, whatever you do, GIBRALTAR WILL NEVER BE SPANISH.

Yours faithfully

Isabella Caruana-(Montegriffo)