Sanchez Gone Bananas, Says Government Spokesman

Leo Olivero
Sanchez Gone Bananas, Says Government Spokesman

The weekend was a hugely politically difficult one, with confusion across Europe, particularly emanating from London, Brussels, Madrid and Gibraltar. 

Gibraltar on Saturday in particular, was predominately at the centre of a ‘National State of Confusion’ after an unexpected day of conflicting and puzzling political statements, which later in the day became clearer after national state intervention by the Chief Minister during an address to the people of Gibraltar.

Sanchez ‘Gone Bananas’ Has United PP, Ciudadanos and Gib Government

However yesterday Sunday morning, still in aftermath of the previous day political turbulence a senior Government spokesman gave Panorama exclusive evaluation of the last 24 hours saying:

“Sanchez Has Gone Bananas he has (unofficially) managed to unite PP, Ciudadanos and the Government of Gibraltar. None of what has been said changes the legal texts. There has been no change at all. But one thing has been made clear - Sanchez is behaving like a PP politician when it comes to Gibraltar. He is not going to advance things much that way. In fact, the UK may be put in a position when it has to give him a political bloody nose.”

Based on that quote yesterday from an official government spokesman. It is obvious that the Spanish Prime Minister is not a good place politically at the moment. He has obviously bitten off more then he can chew by miscalculating and failing to analyse and explain to the Spanish nation, the consequences of not only inflating, for personal gain important political information, but also misrepresenting the real facts of what was actually agreed.

Sanchez has now been described as a socialist, but passing as a ring wing Spanish PP politician and potentially, in line for a bloody political nose from London. And apart from the previous days comments when he was likened in the same breath as General Franco, you could say Pedro Sanchez had a difficult week.


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