Britain says that Spain failed to get what she wanted over Gibraltar

Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday addressed Parliament on the EU withdrawal agreement, which was formally agreed by the leaders of the other 27 EU nations at the weekend. 

She said that the government is committed to protecting all parts of the UK and has the support of the Gibraltar government in the approach taken.

She was quite emphatic on Britain's support for Gibraltar. "Our message to the people of Gibraltar is clear, we will always stand by you," she added, that Britain's position on the sovereignty of Gibraltar "has not changed."

She stressed that Gibraltar will be covered by the whole agreement, and that Britain will negotiate for Gibraltar in the trade talks.

She went on to praise chief minister, Fabian Picardo, who had backed the UK government’s handling of this matter

The Spanish government wanted to change the text of the withdrawal deal on Gibraltar, but they failed.

In yesterday's PANORAMA we made the point that since Brexit reared its head, the Spanish government had been trying to remove references to Gibraltar from the legal text of the Withdrawal Agreement, but they repeatedly failed, right to Sunday's European Council meeting.


But Labour leader Corbyn told parliament yesterday: And we saw another climb-down over Gibraltar at the weekend.

The Spanish foreign minister described the UK government's concession as the most significant development since 1713.

Corbyn added: Isn't it the case that by conceding that Gibraltar would not be covered by a future trade deal, Spain now has a veto over Gibraltar benefiting from any future relationship that is yet to be negotiated?