There have been calls in Spain for their foreign minister Josep Borrell to resign after it was alleged that he had made improper use of privileged information. 

The news broke yesterday after reports said that he had been fined 30,000 euros for using privileged information to sell shares in a company called Abengoa.

 He took that action a day before the company entered into a financial crisis and its shares plummeted.

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias said the government cannot have a minister fined for selling shares over which he had privilege information as a director and called for his resignation. Others have also said the minister should go.

This crisis is all the Spanish government needs following the accusations being labelled at it over the position they have taken on Gibraltar.

European leaders are quoted in the Spanish press saying that the theatrical spectacle put up by Spanish prime minister Sanchez over Gibraltar was quite upsetting. The position of Sanchez and indeed of Spain has been exposed for what it is, with papers that have no legal standing being presented as something else by the Spanish.

Spain has not advanced one step in its claims over Gibraltar, said former Spanish prime minister Aznar, with the PP saying that Sanchez has been ridiculed by his claims.