Burglaries galore by juveniles and others

Three juveniles have been charged in relation to six burglaries committed on Monday.

All three juveniles have been jointly charged with five of the burglaries, including one at a residential address from which property with a claimed value in excess of £10,000 is alleged to have been stolen. Two of the juveniles were jointly charged with the remaining burglary, says Police. 

All three have appeared before the Juvenile Court yesterday afternoon and pleaded guilty to the charges. Two of the juveniles have been remanded in prison and the third has been granted Court bail with conditions. All 3 are due in court on 18th December for sentencing.

On 19th November two other juveniles were also charged with burglaries committed between 5th – 18th November. One of these individuals was charged with a total of 12 burglaries and one attempted burglary; with both individuals having been jointly charged in respect of 4 of the burglaries.

The Police have also supplied the following information: A total of 18 burglaries and an attempted burglary have been committed by 5 individuals since 5/11/2018.

Individual involvement can be broken down as follows:

An individual involved in 12 burglaries and an attempted burglary; another involved in 4 burglaries;a third in 5 burglaries and two others in 6 burglaries.