Road Safety or Law of the Jungle?

Leo Olivero

Does something like a traffic management and enforcement plan exists or is this The Law of the Jungle?

Immediately if such a plan exists I would implement an efficient and strict road safety policy based or including the following two measures for starters: The introduction of a driving licence with points and a strong police presence on the roads to catch offenders: The driving licence with point’s means that each driver holds a capital of points, which diminishes according to the significance of the offences, he or she makes. When the small capital of points is spent the driving licence is removed.

The second measure is that the police should be permanently on the roads to catch offenders, in particular with mobile speed cameras, and this would obviously require reorganising police operational duties and sorting out policing priorities and making best use of human resources. I say the latter across the board.

All this has been achieved successfully in other European countries, and this I believe is the only route Gibraltar can take if we really want the traffic laws and highway code (if we really have one and people actually read it) ‘to replace the law of the jungle’ which nowadays so often prevails on local roads and streets. This is a matter of urgency for many people. However, those same people also say it also takes political will and know how.