Surprised by Picardo's claim

Dear Sir,

Both my husband and I were extremely surprised at the Chief Minister, Mr. Fabian Picardo saying that Mrs Hassan Nahon was the first female politician to lead a party. We can only think that the stress and overload of work due to Brexit has given him a mental block! 

To refresh his memory our daughter, Lyana Armstrong-Emery was a founding member of the GNP (later becoming the Liberal Party Gibraltar). Lyana stood as a candidate for the GNP in the 1992 and 1996 Elections of Gibraltar. On the 16th April she resigned from the Liberal Party and continued as an Independent Liberal until 22nd March 2000 when she launched a new party, the Independent Liberal Forum (ILF) which subsequently changed its name on July 24th 2003 to the Reform Party which our daughter lead until its dissolution in 2005.

The Reform Party policies were more radical than those of the established parties the GSD and GSLP. with policies such as proportional representation, anti sexism, fair treatment of sexual minorities, better rights for non EU resididents, enviroment, mental health awareness and radical restructuring of the tax system.

Following the dissolution of the Reform Party our daughter rejoined the party of her youth the Liberal Party with Dr. Joseph Garcia and is a member of their Executive Committee. This Party forms the coalition Government as it is today in Gibraltar. She is a hard worker and supporter of her Party and is involved and active in every way.

We feel rather hurt and surprised at Mr Picardo's statement particularly when Lyana was by all their sides in both elections 2011 and 2015.

You cannot eliminate or change history. What has happened has happened and nothing can change that.

While at it both my husband and I take the opportunity to congratulate Mrs Hassan Nahon and wish her and her party all the luck in the world.


Ana Lydia and Jack Armstrong