Not the first

Dear Sir,

I was much dismayed when I heard the Chief Minister’s congratulatory welcome of the formation of a new Political Party which is lead by Ms Hassan Nahon. My dismay comes about because the Chief Minister stated that Ms Nahon will go down as the first lady Party Leader in Gibraltar. 

This statement is far from the truth and the facts. The first lady to found and be a leader of a new political party is Ms Lyana Armstrong Emery who has spearheaded so many political causes and campaigns.

She was a founding member of the GNP, Gibraltar National Party that became the Liberal Party of Gibraltar in 1991. She left this Party and launched a new party the Independent Liberal Forum that became the Reform Party which Armstrong lead as Leader until 2005 when the Party ceased to exist and joined the Gibraltar Liberal Party.

In 2014 she became a candidate for the Liberal Democrats in the European Election.

I joined forces with Lyana around 2010 simply because we had the same aspiration and solution to the Gibraltar problem which was for Gibraltar to attain Devolved Integration which meant that Gibraltar would retain all its Devolved Powers and get Representation in Westminster. A few years later we renamed the Movement Representation in Westminster.

I write this in order to set the record straight, Ms Lyana Armstrong Emery has the claim to being the first woman to lead a Political Party in Gibraltar. Furthermore, because her many years in politics and her many other worthwhile involvements, in my humble opinion, the is a perfect candidate to receive a Royal Honour form Her Majesty the Queen.

Yours sincerely

Joe L Caruana