What causes traffic problems

Dear Sir,

I’m a usual reader of Mr Olivero, as his articles tend to be well explained and accurate as possible. 

On this time I’m in tune with him in some of his arguments on traffic and Law of the Jungle? 

Notwithstanding I’m not so, on the first part of his argument, in relation to the introduction of a licence with points, as we are not a large country and, with a correct vigilance on our roads, will be enough.

On the second part I’m fully in tune with him, nonetheless in my view we need some serious political action to resolve the situation on electric and non-electric scooters, skaters and bicycles jungle on our streets and roads, both of them without any control or security.

Being that resolved, police should take action patrolling as usual including introducing sporadic checks on relevant documentation by stopping vehicles for inspection, like D/licences, insurance, MOT certificates, etc. be it local or not, we will be surprised how many undocumented will be found; something that the police should take in account too, are the disrespectful drivers for some traffic signs, M/phone users, irregular overtakes at large etc., motorcycles, with modified exhausts producing an extreme noise pollution in our roads and estates, these actions couldn’t be captured by cameras but by the police naked eye, more speed cameras? No; more action Yes.

Another point that I would like to refer to is the road signs, more so in relation to Heavy Vehicles indicating clearly the direction, height, width and weight, heavy machinery should be allowed only to move into their place of work, after dead hours, applying the same rule to road sweeping machines, all these and more common sense will alleviate and avoid traffic jams.