Protect Our Sovereign Waters - STOP Incursions: Clear Violation of UK Sovereignty

Leo Olivero
Protect Our Sovereign Waters - STOP Incursions: Clear Violation of UK Sovereignty

As highlighted yesterday ‘sovereignty, jurisdiction and control’ frequently comes into joint play where offences contrary to Gibraltar laws are continuously committed and with no effective, robust, efficient or a well-planned police enforcement policy we see daily that illegal fishing in BGTW has increased. Even more disturbing is the fact that these illegal fishing offences are committed daily with total impunity.

Incursion by Spanish State Vessels a Clear Violation of UK Sovereignty

The United Kingdom during the last EU of Summit of leaders in Brussels, had to repeatedly spell out clearly, mostly for the benefit of Pedro Sanchez that ‘Gibraltar sovereignty guarantees to the EU and Spain’ that “it has no doubt over the UK sovereignty of Gibraltar, including British Gibraltar Territorial Waters”

Not ground-breaking news really, particularly to the average Gibraltarian, but the latter sovereignty comments regarding BGTW by the UK government of a few weeks ago, did served a very important purpose, one of exposing the absolute political plonker the PSOE and Spanish Prime Minister really is which made him look a bigger fool back in his homeland, especially it seems in Andalucía, this if Sundays regional election result is anything to go by.

I do not criticise the MOD or Royal Navy Squadron in Gibraltar because they simply do what they are told and do not have the operational flexibility, discretion and authority that the Commissioner of Police is able to exercise with the ‘nothing approach’ regarding the other related issue of illegal fishing.