More needs to be done to address rising domestic violence problem

Leo Olivero

Domestic Violence is a serious and growing social problem...we are quite aware of this social problem (along with others), as on many occasion we have published special reports, interviews and investigations surrounding this issue. A social problem we have expressed our own concerns about, particularly our opinion that not enough was or is being done to effectively tackle it! 

Never Alone Domestic Violence Support Group Concerns ‘More Needs to be Done’

Panorama has spoken with ‘Rosalina Oliva’ a founder member ‘Never Alone Domestic Support Group Gibraltar ’ who is acutely concerned and unhappy that not enough is being done regarding this hugely disturbing and increasing problem that continues to devastate many people and whole families in Gibraltar.

Ms Oliva, informed me that ‘before her group was formed, there had never been a group which recognised the issue of domestic abuse. Society as a whole has always brushed abuse under the carpet and has failed to bring to light the issues of abuse there is in Gibraltar. Never Alone she said intends to change that’

Explaining... “Since starting Never Alone, it has been obvious how rife Domestic Violence is in Gibraltar, and it is very clear that help and support has been seriously lacking by every agency. More needs to be done to tackle this serious issue”.

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