Gibraltar’s Strategic Military Base Faces Uncertain Brexit Future

Leo Olivero
Gibraltar’s Strategic Military Base Faces Uncertain Brexit Future

The future of Gibraltar as a modern day operational strategic military base will have to be evaluated amongst or alongside the realties of life, but importantly those events that threaten world peace, including those military priorities that require the support available at this extreme end of Southern Europe. 

The UK and the increasing global focus on defence issues in the Mediterranean have in recent years raised the Rock’s profile as an important strategic military base. It has also reinforced the Rock’s role as a key staging post for the United Kingdom and allies.

This positive scenario has allowed Gibraltar to become an invaluable military land based asset and preferred forward mounting base for all forms of military activity requiring the services provided by this proud ‘British Strategic Military Base’ that clearly has the potential to provide more.

However the latter point is in doubt - because as most things today - the progress and future development of the Gibraltar base depends on favourable Brexit decisions!