Earlier, the GSD had said that the EU Withdrawal Agreement [“WA”] was a bad deal for Gibraltar, and that it allowed Spain a voice in our domestic affairs and a measure of control over these. 

The GSLP/Liberals have given away Gibraltar’s biggest bargaining chip by allowing frontier workers to be protected beyond the transition period and got nothing permanent in exchange. The set of arrangements in the MOUs are bilateral. They fail to recognise Gibraltar’s separate right to conclude political agreements over these matters, said the GSD.

It went on to say that Mr Picardo’s tactics in cheerleading for Mrs May are questionable and his presentation of the MOUs is Orwellian, made up of spin and distortion.

A few days ago, a Spanish military vessel entered our waters blaring the Spanish national anthem. The Vice President of the European Parliament [also Spanish] tweeted in support. Are these the shape of things to come under the cooperation regime agreed by Mr Picardo in the MOU on the Environment and passage of ships in our waters?

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