GSD critical of Government plans for Hassan Tercentenary Terraces

The Government's announcement in relation to the building of Hassans Centenary Terraces, 'is unashamedly a re-run of their previous press conference presented last year and a repeat of promises made to the electorate in their now mothballed Blue Waters Project,' says the GSD. 

Despite first announcing the building of Hassans Centenary Terraces as part of the now abandoned Blue Water Project in 2015, the Government again announced in September 2017, with much fanfare, the building of Hassans Centenary Terraces, where they stated homes would be available from the Summer of 2019.

They add that the public will not be fooled a third time by this transparent attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of people who have been waiting years for a home. Homes should have been available in the Summer of 2019 and now the Government, in an extraordinary déjà vu moment, say that they will commence construction in the Summer of 2019, with homes being ready by 2022!

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