Opposition’s view on Gibraltar Brexit deal confirms their lack of basic understanding or knowledge

Political Scene

The latest statement from the GSD Opposition on the Gibraltar aspects of the Withdrawal Agreement is a reflection of their lack of substance and basic knowledge about key policy areas, says the Government in reply to the GSD statement which was published in PANORAMA yesterday. Their only option is to resort to a nit-picking approach in order to hide the weakness of their pathetic arguments. 

The Government adds: Indeed, they have failed to address the single most important question. This is that the stark choice open to Gibraltar was either to form a part of the Withdrawal Agreement and its transitional period and leave the EU in an orderly manner, or instead to crash out of the European Union alone in March before the United Kingdom.

The reality is that the GSLP/Liberal Government has negotiated wisely and in the best interests of Gibraltar throughout this process in order to secure the application of the Withdrawal Agreement and of its transitional provisions. It is not clear whether the Opposition would have done the same. Indeed their suggestion that Gibraltar could have chosen not to apply the Withdrawal Agreement shows just how little they understand the issues and it betrays the magnitude of the dangers that Gibraltar would have faced had the GSD been in office at this challenging time.

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