Post-Brexit Gibraltar border could become pawn between UK and Spain, says MEP Girling

Despite Theresa May’s efforts to salvage her “more than imperfect Brexit deal”, any serious business or government should now consider a no-deal exit as a real possibility and prepare for it, says MEP Julie Girling. 

Julie Girling is a British independent (formerly Conservative Party) politician, currently serving as an EPP MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar.

She spoke to EURACTIV’s Alexandra Brzozowski during the European Parliament’s December plenary session in Strasbourg.

May took the deal as agreed to be ratified to her parliament, the cold, hard fact is that she cannot get it ratified by the Commons. What does that tell you? It is not actually the European Council or the European Parliament’s problem and therefore, in theory, nothing will change for Gibraltar, because this deal will be the deal.

The fact is that if there are any cracks in the EU’s stance, I would expect the Spanish government to immediately to bring up the question in the Spanish parliament. Otherwise, they may face the accusation that there is a Spanish interest in negotiating regarding Gibraltar and they are not taking it.